The decision to file Bankruptcy is not an easy one. I know that many people agonize over the decision for many months before calling me. Most are fearful that they will be mis-treated or looked upon as a failure when they seek out legal help. Some are embarrassed and ashamed. You have my personal assurance that our entire staff understands your situation and that you will, at all times, be treated in a kind, caring, and understanding manner.
Most people who think they should qualify for bankruptcy really do. The 2005 sweeping changes in the law only made it more time consuming to file, not impossible. We offer to analyze your situation at NO CHARGE and give you an opinion on what chapter you qualify for. Fill out our contact form and I will call you TODAY. You may also, at no charge or obligation, come into the office to ask your initial questions and receive your free qualification analysis.

Many of my clients ask the same good questions at their initial consultation. As a courtesy to you, I have listed and answered the most Frequently Asked Questions below. If you have a question that is not answered here, you are welcome to send me an e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call and schedule an office visit. The first visit is no charge or obligation. Evening appointments are always welcome. Our fees for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy are the most affordable in Michigan. Our service area is from the Mackinaw bridge to Kalamazoo on the west side of the state. We have offices in Grand Rapids and Cadillac to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Chapter 1: General Questions (Which chapter should I file?)
Chapter 2: Chapter 7 Information
Chapter 3: Chapter 13 Information
Chapter 4: Property Questions (Can I keep my home, car and stuff?)
Chapter 5: Debts (Creditors, Collection Agents, Attorneys and Law Suits)
Chapter 6: Ok - I've Decided to File, What Do I Do?
Chapter 7: Client Corner (Now that I have filed, I have more questions)


Do you have questions?

Bankruptcy FAQ
 - Good information on bankruptcy is hard to find.  We get you started by answering most of the basic questions here.  Allow us to answer your specific questions at an appointment convienet to you.

Divorce and Custody FAQ - We understand divorce is difficult.  And many of you need information before you want to see a lawyer.  We hope we have provided just that here.  And when you are us.

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